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SKIN DNA Test now available in BIOIATRIKI Diagnostics Centers

SkinCare DNA TEST Prevent Aging
Learn more about the DNA of your skin


Our skin ages for three reasons:

1. The time passing (chronological aging)

2. Sun exposure (photoaging)

3. The genetic predisposition of the individual (biological ageing)

Each individual exhibits  a differential behaviour to aging.  For this reason, the skin of two individuals, of the same chronological age, may differ in biological age and in appearance up to 10 years.  

There is now the  possibility of forecasting behaviour towards skin aging, while also assessing risk from exposure to sun through a simple genetic test that uses state-of-the-art technology, to diagnose the genetic factors that predispose to aging.

Bioiatriki introduces for the first time in Greece, directly from Los Angeles, USA, the SkinCare DNA test, the first personalised skin health assessment.


Who is the SkinCare DNA test for?

This is a completely safe test for the entire population, men and women who are interested in skin health and prevention of aging. 

It is recommended for all ages, especially kids, since our genetic predispositions accompany us from birth, hence it is important to be aware of them early on, so as to know how to protect ourselves.  It is also recommended for individuals above 25 years old, since the aging process begins around the age of 25.

What are the benefits from the SkinCare DNA test?

This is a prognostic test concerning skin health and aging.

The individual undergoing the test is informed regarding the specific characteristics of their genetic composition that predispose to sensitivity, oxidative stress, inflammation, premature collagen loss, photoaging, and essentialy skin aging. 

Importantly, through a detailed, actionable report, they are also informed about how they can offset or reduce their genetic predisposition, either through nutrition and nutritional supplements, or through topical preparations, and even specialised treatments administered by the Dermatologist.

What does the SkinCare DNA test examine?

It examines DNA for polymorphisms (e.g. minor changes in DNA sequence) in genes that predispose to increased risk of loss of skin health and to premature aging.

 Although we all share the same genes, we are not the same. 

Scientific literature has proven that certain polymorphisms in our DNA increase the risk of disfunction of specific pivotal mechanisms related to our health as well as to the aging process.

Specifically, this test checks for genetic polymorphisms (minor changes in the DNA sequence) in the genes regulating the following:

Firmness and elasticity of the skin (collagen breakdown)

Glycosylation of wrinkle-prone skin.

Resistance to damage caused by exposure to the sun (photoaging)

Resistance to oxidative stress

Skin sensitivity and inflammation

The SkinCare DNA test takes the quesswork out of skin care.

Using cutting edge technology and scientific analysis through specialised algorithms, it identifies the most appropriate components and skin treatments that each individual needs according to the polymorphisms in their DNA. It essentially personalizes skin care.           



How is it done?

The process is very simple and non-invasive; it involves three (3) steps to complete it: 

1. Collection of saliva sample from the subject. All samples are analysed in the USA, in an accredited laboratory.

2. Completion of a simple and short lifestyle questionnaire by the subject, on the same day.

3. 3-4 weeks after sample collection, the subject receives a detailed report explaining the results of gene testing in a simple and comprehensible way (schematically). It is particularly important that this report contains personalized recommendations to the subject as to what ingredients their skin needs in order to attenuate or reduce a possible genetic predisposition to aging, either in the form of topical ingredients (e.g. in a face cream or serum), or in the form of nutritional supplements.Moreover, specialized treatments that could be followed by a Dermatologist are also suggested, always according to the genetic outcome of the client, with ultimate goal to attain optimal skin health and prevent skin aging


How much does it cost?

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